OVERLAND PARK, Kan., April 17, 2019 – Kansas City start-up RUMBLE was named Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Solution Deployment Leader of the Year by Compass Intelligence for advancing the IoT industry through leadership and supporting ROI-based deployment of connected solutions. The 7th annual Compass Intelligence awards honors the top companies, products, and technology solutions in mobile, IoT, and emerging technology industries.

“We are honored to be recognized for our commitment to helping businesses utilize disruptive technologies to create positive business outcomes. We recognized the marketplace gap for end-to-end IoT solution designers and implementers. Filling that gap with qualified expertise has proven to be a successful model for RUMBLE,” said Terri Foudray, RUMBLE Founder and CEO.

“Executives today are seeking opportunities to gain performance advantage and implementing IoT solutions provides that competitive edge. IoT is about making connections to the business data in near real-time – as it is happening. This visibility provides an ability to act when it improves outcomes. Those outcomes increase revenue, profitability, engagement, and compliance.”

“There is more data available today than ever before,” said Perry Lea, RUMBLE cofounder, “but collecting the RIGHT data is critical, data that provides business insight and allows you to make informed decisions and take action. That’s when data becomes a competitive advantage.

Compass Intelligence selected it’s “Of the Year” award winners through observation and interaction with many companies throughout the year.

“We believe there is a gap in the market in terms of core companies that bring the disparate pieces together and help expedite deployment,” said Stephanie Atkinson, CEO and founder of Compass Intelligence. “We believe RUMBLE is filling that gap and leading with business outcomes and applying it to real, live business applications. That was the key driver for the award. The industry needs more companies like RUMBLE to reach our full potential in IoT.”

“RUMBLE and the other award winners represent world-class solutions that advance the industry and provide innovation in a rapidly growing tech market.”

Here is the full list of winners.

About Compass Intelligence
Founded in 2005, CompassIntel.com is a market analytics and consulting firm specializing in metrics-driven market intelligence and insights for the mobile, IoT, and high-tech industries. Compass Intelligence provides executive insights, market sizing/forecasting and modeling, competitive analysis, strategic consulting, advisory services, trending analysis, and survey research services. Compass Intelligence helps guide strategic business decisions, and support in the success of our clients through delivering content engagement, go to market planning, competitive positioning, and strategic advisory.

RUMBLE founded March 2018, improves business performance through real-time data delivery solutions. RUMBLE’s highly specialized team partners with clients to capture the benefits from innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Situational Awareness software. RUMBLE’s solutions are designed to eliminate siloed data, stagnant data, reporting lags, and data disconnection. Visit www.rumblenow.com

More than 75 people braved the impending snow storm Friday to attend RUMBLE’s IoT – Beyond the Hype to hear from our panel of experts on how to implement IoT in their business. And Startland News was there to cover the event.

RUMBLE co-founder Perry Lea will be speaking on “Artificial Intelligence for the Rest of Us” at the 28th Annual Idaho Business and Technology Expo in Boise, ID, February 20.

“This isn’t your normal ‘AI solves all problems’ conference pitch,” Lea say. “I want to provide an understanding of how human learning works and how machines learn. . .and what machines can do and what they simply will not do.”

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the buzz words in nearly every industry. Anything that saves times, reduces complexity, and improves margins is naturally desirable. However, what is it? This is an informative session to teach the fundamentals of machine learning in different use cases and applications. Lea will talk about the history and evolution of machine learning and why it’s prevalent now. He also promises a real-life demonstration of a machine teaching itself how to recognize objects.

Lea’s presentation will provide a critical understanding of how machine learning may help you or your business in different circumstances.

“It will be a fun way to learn the fundamentals of machine learning and how to monetize its potential,” Lea says.

RUMBLE, an IoT company, and our sponsors are bringing nationally recognized experts in IoT, Edge Computing, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence to Kansas City February 15th for an invitation only panel discussion.

This executive event is for leaders actively utilizing technology to drive organizational growth, business efficiencies, and client/vendor engagement. The discussion will cut through the hype and explore real world scenarios where these technologies are disrupting every industry.

Perry Lea, RUMBLE cofounder, started his day this morning as the keynote speaker at the Future Technologies Conference in Vancouver, BC. FTC is a worldwide gathering of academic researchers, PhD and grad students, searchers from top think tanks and industry tech developers. The topic is the future of computing architecture. “I am personally excited about a renascence in computer architecture. I think new emerging memory and CPU designs will merge and expose an entirely new sets of applications and capabilities in the future. Some startups like GraiFalcon, Mythic and big names like IBM and Microsoft have some spectacular technologies like quantum computing, neurotrophic processing, and systolic arrays.”